Another Donuts for Dads Was Upon Us!

Well folks, another Donuts for Dads was upon us. As always, we had a wonderful guest speaker give a presentation at BrightSide Academy in Toledo, OH.

The guest speaker for this gathering was Yusuf Lateef, a grad student of the fine arts at Bowling Green State University, who also happens to teach. Yusuf was kind enough to lend us his time and wisdom, giving a lecture over the positivity black male artists and how the arts can inspire fathers to raise their children to be leaders.

Yusuf ended his presentation with a fun activity in which he asked the fathers in the group to draw a picture of the person sitting across from them. The exercise was used to encourage fathers to pay attention to the other people in their lives.

Also presenting was Jarvis, our main man when it comes to leading the group. He addressed the audience as usual with his wisdom and grace on how to raise children.

And we can’t forget our leader and CEO Keith Harrison, who led the group with his own words and was nice enough to set up this meeting.

As mentioned, the presentation was given at BrightSide Academy. Just for those who don’t know, BrightSide Academy is an preschool located on Lagrange St. in Toledo, OH. We have a special relationship that school which is why we give our presentations there.

As always, pictures were taken to document the event.

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