Getting Involved With Discovery Academy in Toledo Ohio

Break Chains Make Changes

–Michael Medlen


Hey folks,

Yesterday was a beautiful moment here at Break Chains Make Changes as we were proud to help encourage parents to get involved in their children’s education. Our efforts were for the latest parent teacher conference with Discovery Academy in Toledo Ohio.

Located on Central Avenue, the academy used the invest to engage parents and raise awareness for students’ success.

Being active in their students lives, parents are the ultimate roadway to success when it comes to raising a child’s awareness of education. We were there to help support families in the efforts to bridge the gap between achievement and success in every kid’s future.

Tagging along for the ride with us were, you guessed it, Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

What a delight it was for them to help share the love and joy that can be education. On hand to help kids encourage their relations with teachers, the pair were able to pose for the camera with fellow students while giving high five’s and hugs.

Check out the pictures below for a view of how we are closing the gap between families and education and raising awareness for how parents can impact a child’s education.

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As always, best and give the Glory to God!


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