Our Leadership

Here is The List of Our Leadership

Ketha Harrison Sr.
CEO & Founder

Ketha Harrison Sr. is the president of Break Chains Make Changes since 2015. His hope is to create a new mindset for Men in our community. He wants to pass his lessons learned from his struggles along to other Men so they may grow and succeed. Mr. Harrison understands recovery is needed in our community to help break the chains of generational cycles, make permanent changes to empower the generations to come. Mr. Harrison have also received his certification through the state of Ohio as a Peer Recovery Supporter in 2017.

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Mason Pierce
Vice President

Mason Pierce is the Vice President of BCMC. He came on board in February 2017 after getting to know Keith Harrison through his volunteer work at the Cherry Street Mission. A corporate economist by day, Mason enjoys volunteering in his free time and was drawn to the organization’s mission of family and community empowerment.


Our Members

Here is The List of BCMC Other Members

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Jessica Harrison
board member

Jessica Harrison has been a board member of BCMC since 2015. She has obtained her certification through the state of Ohio as Peer Recovery Supporter in 2018 and have established her CDCA certification through the chemical dependency professionals board since April 2021. Along with helping her husband vision for our Men in the Community, she alone loves to be involved with the community and help bring the success rate on the rise in Toledo and surrounding areas.

Susie Brown
Board Member

Susie Brown is a proud mother of one son. Owner and operator of How About This, LLC. A social worker working with a diverse population of individuals working to overcome a mirage of obstacles. A strong advocate for uplifting individuals to better communities for all generations.

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Robert Oliver
Board Member

Robert joined Break chains make changes in December of 2020. He is drawn to the organization because he wants to make a difference in men young and old alike. Some of his hobbies are volunteering, reading and finding new ways to make new technology more accessible.