Who We Are

Keith Harrison

President and Founder

Keith Harrison.png

Keith has been the President of Break Chains Make Changes since founding it in 2015. He is passionate about helping the men in our community to become better role models for our children. Like most men, Mr. Harrison has struggled but made the choice to become a better man not just for himself but for his children. He wants to pass the lessons learned from his struggles along to other men so that they may grow and succeed.

Mason Pierce

Vice President

Break Chains Make Changes, Board of Directors

Mason Pierce is the Vice President of BCMC. He came on board in February 2017 after getting to know Keith Harrison through his volunteer work at the Cherry Street Mission. A corporate economist by day, Mason enjoys volunteering in his free time and was drawn to the organization’s mission of family and community empowerment.




Jessica Harrison

Board Member

Jessica Harrison.jpgJessica Harrison is a board member of BCMC as well as the wife of President and Founder Ketha Harrison. She is a full time housekeeper by day and a superwoman 24/7. Other than being a mother to their six beautiful children, she enjoys being by her husband’s side and helping to achieve their dreams through community involvement.




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